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What is CNA?

CNA is an abbreviation for Certified Nursing Assistant, and this term refers to people who offer patient care assistance to the sick and the elders. They are sometimes called Nursing Assistants or State Trained Aids. There is a different term for CNA in every state of America, however, the task and duties are all equal and the same. Basically, what CNA does are the tasks that a health care professional would instruct him/her to do. These health care professionals are licensed nurses and physicians.

The Duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Every CNA has a different scope of work, depending on the environment that he/she is working for. But in general, a CNA is expected to perform all the duties that a licensed nurse and physician would ask them to do. The most common task is to track and record all clinical information concerning the patient’s health condition, including the behavior as well as the progress of the patient. Sometimes, they will be asked to take the vital signs of the patients and will also be asked to update the patients with their progress. Some doctors would also ask a CNA to schedule appointments of patients and perform office duties. Basically, every task in the medical setting that does not require the need of a medical professional can be assigned to a CNA. Read More about CNA Duties

Home Care Certified Nursing Assistants

For those working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a home setting, they are expected to perform any tasks that their home care patient would ask them to do. This includes going to grocery, changing clothes and diaper, preparing the meal as well as assisting the patients during exercise and other medical related activities. CNAs are expected to multi-task because they are required to perform various duties and their presence plays a very important role in the recovery of their patients.

Educational Requirement

Every state in America has different educational requirements for a Certified Nursing Assistant, but the most common requirement is for them to have a minimum degree in high school. Furthermore, they must also be able to finish a 12-week training program that the state would impose. These training programs are specifically designed for CNAs that are studying in a junior college, at a hospital or even in Red Cross CNA Training Course

CNA Training

In order for you to train as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first enroll for a local college program that is designed for CNAs. In cases where there are not any College Programs for CNA on the school that you plan to enroll, then you should consider enrolling at local vocational schools or other local hospitals in your area that offer training programs for CNA.

The CNA training would tackle a wide range of general medical information, from proper hygiene to the most basic medical terms. CNA trainees will be taught how a medical environment operates in order for them to understand their workplace setting. Although some of the training’s are on-the-job, the training programs will also teach the trainees all the basic terminologies that they need to know for them to perform the duty of a Certified Nursing Assistant and pass the Certification Exam that will be given by the State.

CNA Certification

Right after you complete the training, you will then be required to undergo a certification process to fully become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Just like with training, the certification is also different for each state, but the certification exam will only be issued right after the applicant finishes the entire training program. And an applicant to be certified, he/she must pass the certification exam which will be given by the state. Read more about CNA Certification

Expected Salary

The salary of a CNA varies all over the United States, but the average rate of a Certified Nursing Assistant is around $12 to $15 per hour. For entry level CNA’s, the average salary is at $8, and those on the top and experienced level, are expected to earn up to $17 per hour. But these figures are just estimates, and take note that there are several other factors that would affect the salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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